Structural Engineering


Structural Engineering requires us to collaborate closely with Architects and Developers to ensure the correct interpretation of the design is achieved, within the constraints of the structural parameters of the selected construction materials.

Starting from the ground up, we design the building substructures (foundations and floor slab) to support the structural frame or load bearing masonry, to suit both the ground conditions and building geometry.

TWP have been involved as Structural Engineers for a large number of prestigious projects throughout the South West region and beyond. Our portfolio includes many high profile developments that have required in-depth consideration of the materials to be used, commercial viability and safe methods of construction.

Extensive experience has been gained in loadbearing masonry, steel frame, timber and refurbishment projects, along with advice to Contractors on temporary works installations to facilitate safe construction in accordance with current Health and Safety legislation.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your team at TWP for all your hard work and commitment in creating our beautiful family home. Without your dedication, hard work and prompt response to all our needs and demands, I feel this wouldn’t have been done so smoothly and efficiently. I wouldn’t hesitate for a moment to recommend your business to any family, friend or acquaintance. Thank you again.” Leo and Ella Whittington