Cranbrook Village

Taylor Wimpey, Exeter

The first free-standing new settlement created in Devon since the middle ages, it is now the South West’s largest project of its kind, the new eco-friendly and low carbon village of Cranbrook being constructed on the eastern edge of Exeter is currently taking shape.  Having already completed the first tranche of Phase 2 works on behalf of Taylor Wimpey, we have now undertaken our substructure design works for the remaining units on this portion of the village. As the development required construction upon a large swathe of greenfield land, the site had a large number of a variety of tree species which were to remain. Due to the presence of high water demand trees and the founding material classified as medium shrinkage potential, we were required to deepen our foundations locally in accordance with NHBC Chapter 4.2 guidelines. This also had to be done for any new planting which was indicated on the Planning Approved landscaping scheme. Consisting of 186 units in total thus far, continuing strong sales performance has lead to an overall increase in the total number of units to be provided in Cranbrook to 6,550 by 2026.